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Ditching the Frames Could be a Laser Away

For some, eyeglasses are a great way to achieve clear vision and send a fashion statement. But for many people, wearing glasses or contact lenses can be bothersome. Fortunately, there are great laser surgery options you can discuss with your eye doctor.

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What Is a Laser Eye Surgery Consultation?

A laser eye surgery consultation usually begins with discussing your particular vision needs. Then Dr. Price can perform a comprehensive eye examination to assess the health of your eyes and your candidacy for laser eye surgery.

During the exam, the eye doctor typically focuses on factors like cornea thickness and shape or how well your tears moisturize your eyes.

Procedures We Consult On

There are several different types of laser eye surgery. At Essential Eyes Columbia, we’re happy to offer consultations and aftercare for LASIK and SMILE.

Perhaps one of the most well-known laser eye surgeries and most commonly performed is laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, or LASIK as it’s commonly known. For this procedure, the eye surgeon creates a small flap in the cornea and uses a special cutting laser to reshape the tissue beneath the cornea’s surface.

A newer laser eye surgery option is small incision lenticule extraction, commonly known as SMILE. For this procedure, the eye surgeon creates a small lens-shaped incision in the cornea, removing part of the tissue to reshape it and correct vision.

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When you’re ready to say goodbye to your frames and contacts, talk to our knowledgeable team and make an appointment.

We’re committed to ensuring your eyes are cared for before and after surgery.

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